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The Story of El Andaluz

El Andaluz book - (transparent) sketch o

“El Andaluz” in Santa Barbara, California is perhaps the pinnacle achievement in the amazing career of renowned local architect Jeff Shelton. Now recognized as the signature building of downtown Santa Barbara’s recent history, El Andaluz originated as a visionary showcase to include the primary residence for the developer; the project persevered over several years to finally become a reality true to its goals in 2009. The bold concept and imaginative design details flowed free-hand from architect Shelton’s inventive and energetic mind to his drawing pad - not a copy of anything specific, but an original interpretation of styles, meant to harmonize with the site and location while adhering to the best of Santa Barbara motifs. Nowhere else will you find aesthetic beauty and functional majestic luxury living blend together in such a satisfying combination. 

El Andaluz Courtyard revised.jpg

Art meets Architecture Meets Luxury

El Andaluz as its name alludes to, mixes inspiration from the old-world styles of southern Spain, along with Morocco, and adds rich artistic flair in a striking yet very tasteful execution. The attention to detail throughout the design and construction is well-evident and truly remarkable! The main facade evokes inner-city architecture of the 1700’s western Mediterranean, using the signature bridge to soften the edifice and allow the outdoor areas to be visible and inviting from the street. The central upstairs courtyard mimics a traditional communal space from that place and time. Touches from the Mezquita in Cordoba and the Alhambra in Granada are present, while the festive custom tile, pots, planters, light fixtures and water features that decorate El Andaluz, draw from the vibrant colors and hand-made textures of the region. 

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